Vegetarian Chinese Zen Palate in New York

If you are a vegetarian and seeking for a new place to eat you will want to try one of our Vegetarian Chinese restaurants. You will find many of the Zen Palate restaurants in New York and these are among the best restaurants there are in the area.

At the Zen Palate you will be able to order your food and have it delivered to you. So you will never have to even leave the comfort of your own home to have a good meal. The food delivery service near me will be best people to call to deliver your food for only a two dollar charge with in three miles of the restaurant. Not only are the food delivery service near me close by but they are not expensive when you use them to deliver food to you.

To order from one of the Vegetarian Chinese restaurants all you will need to do is look online for our menu, and figure out what you want. Once you have figured out exactly what you want to order. Once you have your order ready, you then will call the restaurant and place your order. You will be able to place your order anywhere from eleven thirty am to eleven thirty pm. So no matter when you get hungry you will be able to eat the wonderful vegetarian food.

If you decide to eat in the restaurant; you will be just as satisfied as if you had ordered from home and had it delivered. Inside the restaurant you will find a Zen atmosphere that will invite you to be at peace and calm while you are eating. You will have your choice of starters you can order before you get your food along with a huge selection of wines. Once you have finished your starter, you can then order one of the most famous mouth watering main vegetarian dishes that will leave you either satisfied or wanting more. If you have room after that you will get the chance to order a dessert or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere drinking coffee or wine.

Which ever way you decide to eat with the vegetarian food; you will be very satisfied with the fact you chose this restaurant for all your vegetarian needs. Come and check the restaurant out for yourself.

Zen Palate NY

Zen Palate is Located in New York City. At the moment there are 3 restaurants Zen Palate:

1- Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District

2- Midtown East, Murray Hill

3- Union Square, Gramercy, Flatiron

Zen Palate is all about Chinese Food, Vegetarian and Healthy Vegan Food in NY


Some of the reviews you can see on

This is one of the better vegetarian restaurants I’ve been to…I think the dishes are innovative and delicious. Everything but a few desserts are vegan. Nice views of Union Square. Started by a group of vegetarian Buddhists living the new york. Every time I’ve been here, it has been quite busy…and I often feel packed in by the crowds. But it is definitely worth it!

Overpriced and not much difference in their dishes mainly because they use the same 3 or 4 different kind of sauces. The food also stays kind of heavy in your stomach which is not a great characteristic for vegetarian food. The highlights would be the spring rolls and the vegetarian “ham”, other than that, there are much better vegetarian restaurants that have better dishes and much better prices. Expensive for a vegetarian restaurant.

Zen Palate is known for its great vegetarian menu. In fact, they are so healthy, they don’t even have a bar to emphasize alcohol-consumption, so BYOB (Bring your Own Bottle/Beer/Beverage!). The food here is relatively cheap for what you get, you can spend anywhere from $8-20 on a meal. As New York Metro wrotes: “Much of the menu has familiar Asian staples such as noodle soup, spring rolls and steamed vegetables; some corners are hardcore veggie (faux ham with low-cal conjex- whatever that is!) or just plain strange (moo-shu Mexican style?).”

Either way, Zen Palate is great for a cheap but filling Japanese meal. Also, there is outdoor seating! The first floor is more casual, with people eating at the bar. The Mezzanine has traditional japanese seating (on cushions, not chairs) and upstairs is more formal, classy seating, overlooking Union Square Park.